My Settings

My Settings page will provide you with an easy method of making configurations to sections of cammsstrategy that would impact only on your own experience within application. The following selections/changes can be made using this page.  

Change Password

You can change your password using this section. To do so;

STEP 1: Click "Change Password."

STEP 2: Enter your current password.

STEP 3: Enter new password and confirm new password

STEP 4: Click Save icon.


Settings section would allow you to personalise different areas in the system as per your requirement.

This section allows end user to perform Action/Budget/KPI threshold configurations in EIS area, configure items per grid against both Executive Portal and My Quick Update and set default homepage interface - Quick Update/My Performance/Executive Intelligence. Moreover, KPI graph's visualisation in EIS and KPI area can be configured from here as well.


KPI Graph

Select the default KPI Graph (Static/Interactive) to be displayed in the KPI area and EIS KPI section.

In the static graph, you can select the period of the data by defining the dates in the 'From' and 'To' boxes. When you view the chart for a cumulative KPI, you will have 'Display Normal' tick-box to switch the chart to normal view. Likewise, when you view the chart for a normal KPI, you would have 'Display Cumulative' tick-box to switch the chart to cumulative view.

If you are using the interactive KPI graphs, you have following options to change the chart display.

Quick Update Section

Here, you can select the sections that you prefer to be visible in the quick update page and define whether a section should be collapsed/expanded by default. Following sections are available for configuration.

NOTE: only the products which you have purchased will be displayed.

Favourite Reports

You can create a list of reports which you frequently use as your favourite reports by selecting the reports from the left side panel by clicking the plus icon. Once the report is selected it will be added to the list shown on the right side panel (if you wish to remove a report from the list, of reports you have selected, you can click on the minus icon against the specific report).

These reports will be displayed in 'My Reports' page.

Personal Discussion Groups

Within this section, you can edit existing personal discussion groups or create a new one.

Create a new Personal Discussion Group

STEP 1: In order to create a new discussion group, click on 'New' icon.

Type the name and click 'Save'. You will be able to add users only after saving.

STEP 2: More fields will be displayed after saving.

Filter by Organisation Link: can filter by Organisational linkage.

Use the aforesaid filters to narrow your user search.

You can also locate a user by performing a keyword search on his/her name. Type the user's name in 'Name' text box below 'Filter by Organisation Link' field and press Enter.

Click on 'Select All' tick box to select all displayed users.

STEP 3: Once selections are completed, click 'Add' button.

Member names will appear with an option to 'Delete' if required.

STEP 4: Click Save to complete creation.

Modify an Existing Personal Discussion Group

Click on the 'Edit' icon next to a group name. Details will be displayed. You can change group name, add new members or delete existing members as shown above.

Click 'Save' once modified.




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